Fetish Dynasty Published in Skin Two Magazine!

Aug 19, 2012 • Fetish Dynasty is very pleased to have been published in the latest print edition of Skin Two magazine (issue 63). The photos are included in a feature on the Canadian fetish scene and include many other examples of the sexy world of kink in the Great White North! The print and electronic versions of the issue are available at the Kinky Fetish Store Skin Two shop linked above. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Space Vixens!

Jan 12, 2012 • Über-babes Camilla Dobbie and Rowen Bellamy join Fetish Dynasty for some sexy sci-fi rubber action in a top secret location somewhere out...there...

Gallery Update: Steel Bondage (Bonus: Caged!)

Dec 17, 2011 • Some kinky friends pay a visit and bring along some steel toys...that have to be seen to be believed! An extremely strict, custom-built bondage rig and a steel cage are the centerpieces which highlight an evening of rubbery fun and fetish glamour! Life is good. Life is VERY good.

Gallery Update: Purple Room (Bonus: Semi-Transparent Twins)!

October 9, 2011 • The PrimaFetishista and Purplewonder debauch the Purple Room with some sexy playtime! Plus a set of bonus images featuring these gorgeous girls wearing matching semi-transparent hoods and dresses!

Fetish Dynasty Podcast Episode 07

August 17, 2011 • In the 7th episode, I speak with Eric Paradis, the producer of the Montreal Fetish Weekend. Check out the Podcast section to download or subscribe today!

Gallery Update: Dungeon Delight (Bonus: Forced Exercise)!

July 18, 2011 • A night of fun is what happens when kinky friends pay a visit and play in the Fetish Dynasty dungeon! The lovely Bekahfreckle is victim to the PrimaFetishista and her perverted desires...Thank you to VanErotica for lending us this most delicious slut, and for helping with the shoot!

Fetish Dynasty Podcast Episode 06

July 10, 2011 • In the 6th episode, I have a conversation with Jeff from the House of Gord. Check out the Podcast section to download or subscribe today!

Video Update: Vac Bed Vibrations!

June 13, 2011 • The PrimaFetishista takes a ride in our Kink Engineering vac bed. The results are, well, more than satisfactory. How many orgasms does one women need, anyway?

Gallery Update: Kitchen Slave!

May 9, 2011 • It's been a while since a photo gallery update was posted, but today we have a special treat in store. The PrimaFetishista becomes a slave to the kitchen. Can you smell what she is cooking? All I can smell is burning rubber...

Fetish Dynasty Podcast Episode 05

April 11, 2011 • In the 5th episode, I have a conversation with my wife and partner in crime, the PrimaFetishista. Check out the Podcast section to download or subscribe today!

Fetish Dynasty Podcast Episode 04

January 30, 2011 • In the 4th episode, I present the second part of my conversation with Mad_Scientist and Archean of Kink Engineering, and end with an interview with 3xL about his new book, "Rubber Life."

Fetish Dynasty Podcast Episode 03

January 17, 2011 • In the 3rd episode, I play the first part of my conversation with Archean and Mad_Scientist, a.k.a. Marika and Matt, the founders and chief perverts behind Kink Engineering.

Fetish Dynasty Podcast Episode 02

December 18, 2010 • The 2nd episode of the Fetish Dynasty Podcast has been published! This time I speak with Purplewonder and Nafoui.

Gallery Update: Crimson

November 29, 2010 • Red is the colour of passion, but when you add tight, shiny rubber to the mix and two gorgeous women, you end up with pure fetish sex. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Hoods or Tails

November 5, 2010 • The PrimaFetishista and a sexy friend pose together in gorgeous, black, tight, shiny, Latex Nemesis hoods! A feast for the eyes!

Gallery Update: Gasmasks + Cyber Fetish

October 1, 2010 • A selection of photos from some recent shoots, featuring a gasmmask and respirator combined with rubber hoods, fishnets and cyber/goth outfit! Worth a look...

Gallery Update: Prima Fetishista's New Pet

September 1, 2010 • The PrimaFetishista gets a new pet. None other than Eden Celeste, fetish model and nice kitty...purr...

Gallery Update: Fetish Nemesis

August 1, 2010 • The PrimaFetishista models her new hood from Latex Nemesis as well as leggings made my yours truly. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Rubber Alien

July 1, 2010 • A strange visitation by a sexy female rubber creature...

March 28, 2009

FetishDynasty.com is launched. Evolving from podcast about latex fetishism and kinky events in Canada, a new website has risen from the ashes to re-publish itself as a fetish art exhibition and a vehicle for the Mikado and the PrimaFetishista to pursue their perverted fantasies. Featured here wil be photography, video, commentary and anything else deemed suitable for a kink-laden website such as this. If anything, it is a platform for erotic self-expression and creativity of the tight and shiny variety. The possibilities are endless. The mission is clear. The rubber has been polished and the bondage is tight. Comments, questions or suggestions can be sent to mikado@fetishdynasty.com

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